My Education

Schooling: From Vidhya Bhawan

I did my schooling from Vidhya Bhawan, first autonomous school established by first Education Minister of India in more than 200Acres of land with people like J.C.W Rust and facilities like first tennis court where Davis Cups were played. The school where knowledge goes wild , the school where delinquents thrived, school that I cherish, the school where ideas come alive, the school with a freedom of speech. The school of my dreams. The school where vibrant faces don't go unnoticed. The school where smiles lift people up. Is what makes the school itself special? The school, which was my heaven. The school of privilege and adventure.

Graduation: BSc.(Biology)

Post Graduation: MBA (Marketing)

I believe that education is relevant for a person to be successful. To become a leader, great opportunities are presented to professional.