"Arif is extremely articulate and I believe people leadership is his greatest asset. The most striking thing about Arif is that he commands a very high stature with-in the organization and this is not by his ‘position’ but by his ‘passion’. It is always a pleasure to work with Arif and like many others I have been fortunate to listen and understand some of his uncompromising personal values. A great mentor to have and rely on - especially during hard times. Arif is such a fine individual to work with who will help you to deliver at your full potential. He takes care of your career path and gives you guidance at the right time.

He is a well informed leader, willing to take calculated risks. His approach is very methodical keeping the team needs, individual growth plans and organizational objectives. He uses “innovative” ways to guide and mentor individuals and teams. In addition, he is a very powerful communicator.

Arif is one of the finest leaders who's always been passionate about identifying and grooming leadership from within the teams. He is a thought leader with profound commitment. He is an energetic individual with an unassuming attitude that makes him very approachable. His commitment to nurturing talent and leadership has earned him many followers among his teams. "


"Arif is an experienced, passionate and dynamic manager. He is a leader with a rounded set of leadership skills focused on delivering results and uncovering new business opportunities. Organized, honest and rigorous, he constantly looks for improvement and simplified ways of working. He is a pragmatic leader and a team player with well-developed interpersonal skills. He is very good at taking big initiative from concepts into execution. It was a pleasure to work with him from both a professional and a personal perspective and I hope our career paths will cross again in the future.

From Group Head- Leagal, Quality Group Ltd.


"Arif Sheikh brought a new lease of life and energy to our Company 'EWDL'. In the span of 2 years he is responsible for making a sea change in our way of working , resulting in a highly motivated team ensuring delivery and a level of professionalism and integrity that I feel proud of. I have no doubt in my mind that under his leadership our Company will go from strength to strength and will set enviable standards. I feel privileged that he is leading our Company. I wish him the very best and success in every sphere of his life "

From The Chairman & Managing Director, EWDL.

"Sales went above 152%, Customer turnout was increased by 162%, Profits almost doubled, a healthy sign for any corporate survival"

From The Managing Director, Sharief Group

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"I am one of those lucky ppl who got the opportunity to work with Mr. Arif. He is a great teacher, guide, senior, boss, friend....and what not. Sometimes I wonder how is it possible to find a person with all the qualities...if you wonder too...just meet him. Whatever I write about him is too less as his personality is beyond any words. I just want to say "Mr. Arif..U R D BEST"..And young guys...don't miss the opportunity to learn anything and everything from him...He is an institution."

Ritu Shanker, Canal Fur,NJ-USA

"I got the opportunity to work with Mr. Arif during initial years of my career. He is a great mentor, coach……... & a friend. His integrity and a high standard of business conduct have influenced me in a large way. I admire his strength on taking big challenges and altering impossible to possible. He is absolutely a people man, a boss who absorbs his staff’ difficulties and guide them to the right path. No matter where I work or go, he is and will always be my boss. He is a pioneer of retail Industry and I am sure he will take Indian retail to new heights."

Mayar R. J, Wal-Mart Retail

"Arif Sheikh ,A leader who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see. Have the courage to say no, have courage to face the truth, does right thing because it is right, an amazing combination of Knowledge, integrity and leadership..."

Nilesh Dalal, Plaza Center. Administration

"When someone asks me who is your role model, I say undoubtedly ---- Mr. Arif Sheikh. He is a role model for all youngsters in Rajasthan. I worked under him for a short span of 2 months as Management trainee and I wish I could do that forever. He is one person who will stand in a queue for security check to enter his own mall..He can teach you more then any curriculum in any college. For two months I never saw him eating anything in the lunch nor i saw him sitting in an office and the best part is that he transfers all his energy to people working with him. The Mall Man of India - He truly is!"

Sameer Gupta, Assistant Manager, IDBI Bank, New Delhi

"Once I had a great boss.Arif sheikh, he was very fair to all employees, would treat everybody the way they should be treated. He was a truly tutor, sure his goals was to make profitable business for the company, however he would still took the time to recognize a job well done, to provide all kind of information and training, to make our jobs more interesting and make us more knowledgeable.

He was a very professional person in all aspects, although I only worked for him for one year of my long 15 years career, I will always have him as a role model of a perfect boss, especially if I become one."

Dale Mc Williams

"It is a great association with you...in my views, spending 1 hour with you is equal to gaining 6 months experience....i have learnt many tactics and knowledge about retail from you....one best part in you is that you share your experience, knowledge and learning with others, which very few people does.

Lines from your views: "we should not save anything for special day occasion instead treat every day as special occasion"

I really liked how you view the life; everyday should be special for us since we miss small moments of happier times in our day to day life in waiting for special occasions

Akshay, Manager-Operations, Reliance Retail

"In the genre of highly successful persons, one are Visionary and thinkers, and others are executers. Mr. Arif is a rare and perfect blend of both, he can visualize and conceptualize magnum opus plans and at the same time can execute with clinical perfection. He is a true leader who has the natural ability to inspire and motivate team to achieve and mostly exceed goals and targets. Under his leadership leasing @ Ansal Plaza has exceeded targets by 240%. With an ignited mind and passion for retail he is truly called as “Mall Man” and “Master of retail” by his friends as well as foes. Hats off to you Sir….I am lucky to have you as my Boss, role model and mentor”

Dr. Vishesh Rawat
VP-Marketing /TDI

"First time seen such a great achiever, yet so humble, down to earth and accessible that even the junior most staff can interact any time. He is an epitome of honesty, punctuality, a team man who believes that ‘Work is worship.”

Gaurav Seth, Accounts (APMMC)

"Mr. Arif Sheikh is the name which every one recognize in retail industry He is the best man I have ever seen in my life professionally and personally. I have been working with him since last 1 year and the knowledge and experience I got from him is unbeatable and this learning will remain with me for my whole life. He is the person who gives the opportunity to people to grow and work to their fullest. I consider my self lucky who got the chance to work with him.”

Nikhil, Marketing - Ansal Plaza

"I am no more working with him, but I learnt from him to never give up if you are right no matter what. He has been an inspiration not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. He is been a COO who always wanted his team to follow integrity and honesty as the tools to rise in future. In short A PERSON OF ETHICS AND VALUES.”

Priyanka sharma - HR, Ansal Plaza MMC

"When you come in vicinity of Mr. Arif Sheikh, you can feel an adrenaline rush when he starts detailing a Plan of Action, it could be a promotion or a store opening, He has been a Mentor and a Guide. Anyone willing to understand retailing should seek him out and try to keep up with him. He definitely knows how to chip off rough edges . Having an opportunity to work with him for almost 2 years, I learnt a lot about retailing and new concepts roll outs from him, It has been my privilege to work with him.”

Sunit Nim - Future Group

"Absolute asset to the organization, Growth of over 400% in turnover and over 500% in Number of stores, planning and execution are amongst his other strenghts, which have helped the company to grow to the present level under his leadership. He is a great leader and achiever"

From The Managing Director, Home Stores (India) LTD.

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