Milestones: Dubai Shopping Festival Award 1999

  Dubai Shopping Festival Award 1999

To motivate employees, and bring back attention and faith of customers back on brand we decided to go for most prestigious DSF retail award.

We decided to focus on the customer traffic –domestic and international during DSF, their entry routes from outside/inside – road, air, and decided to get their attention before anyone else does and keep reminding them by the time person actually enter into retail battle field (Dubai) where all retailer go all out for multimillion marketing campaigns.

We worked on two fronts , one at all outlets , we worked 24x7 , at least six month in advance on merchandise, assortments, tie ups with different international brands to do exclusive launches at our retail chains , window planning’s, staff training, shopping bags, customer service issues improvised software at POS to meet possible heavy traffic at cash tills. Second we found out the major countries contributing visitors during DSF sale , we tied up with their national airlines to print our offers on back of boarding cards, at Airports we provided our brand advertising , in all Dubai taxis , one could see our brochures on seat pockets, at hotel check in counters again one can see our brand signs , buses carried our brand skins, in Malls we took extra care to lead shoppers from Mall entrance to entrance of our outlets, those customers who were travelling on road from GCC countries were given our offer at all fuel stations at UAE boarder… and rest is history as how we walked the stage to receive this most prestigious award after recording highest sale in 50 years life time of the group.

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