Milestones: Leadership

  Leadership Award

This one is very close to my heart as first it was given by international very prestigious body and second for achievement as a leader of group which was as diversified as retail to real estate and IT to manufacturing, and foot print in more than 12 countries with MNC workforce from 12 different countries, I was brought in ailing business situation with sharp decline in revenue and profitability, brand erosion, high attrition rate and promoters losing faith on own business module. Within 18 months after I was brought in, we could garner growth of 162% on top line with very healthy bottom line in place and sweeping almost every retail award in the country right from Dubai shopping festival 99 awards in retail segment to awards from Mall association. I believe my major contribution was to make people listen to each other i.e. customers, employees, vendors, media etc, the biggest block between success and failure is their inability to listen to each other intelligently, understandingly and skillfully this deficiency in the modern business world is widespread and appalling, we need to make greater efforts to teach people how to listen other than reading spread sheets on research on what employee wants or what customer wants.

My learning: No organization can achieve greatness without a vigorous leader who is driven onward by pulsating will to succeed...A leader has to have a vision of grandeur, a vision that can produce eager follower ( customers) in vast numbers.

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