Milestones: Revenue share

  Revenue Share

Year 2001 when we were expanding at breathtaking pace one major hurdle was Retail real estate , specially for Grocery stores where we work on wafer thin margins, it was taking too much time , first to locate good trading place and then to negotiate workable rentals. Then one day we reached local Real estate big developer with proposal to give us one of their property /retail space on revenue share as that location was not doing as great as others in their portfolio. Many executives in that business house straight closed doors on us but then young promoter of company who was educated aboard came for my rescue and took bold decision to support us on one property with time bound plan, we took the challenge and it worked so well that later offered properties all around, we also took this concept to home segment and deployed all funds allocated for security deposit, rent advance in buying merchandise.

Today We can proudly say it was one among few national chains who introduced successful revenue share formula to country , it worked so well that not only real estate but three major business housed offered us their real estate on revenue share, we became first company who not only worked on this concept of revenue share but were also successfully taking plug N play properties which included space, all civic work, hardware, shelving cost from the real state owner , it worked well because we worked with integrity and paid all on time, we earned such a reputation that if payment of any one was delayed ,they always considered delay in post but never called the company.

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